Julianne Zoviar Clunne

“I am so much more . . . . . than . . . . that which I am not!”

tracing The artist's life

"We all of us have choices..travelling ultimately to a destination of Peace ...finding Peace with ourselves . I struggled for decades really...attempting to understand why the things I could do before the Acquired Brain Injury were now ...somehow ...unlocateable, hiding, vanished or lost" - Julianne Zoviar Clunne

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Artist statement

The Artist, Julianne, 2016

The Artist, Julianne, 2016

The (Younger) Artist, Julianne, 1980-ish

The (Younger) Artist, Julianne, 1980-ish

My artistic life has followed an unconventional path because of two main factors I realized minutes before writing this intro . I had in point of fact forgotten the second factor because of the first one . …if you will be so kind and indulge an old lady in a trip down memory lane I shall explain  .

      Although I teetered between my love of art and the theater . The stage was my calling since I was 18 . It had won . I was going to go to London …and of course I would have been successful …why not ? I was young and naïve .Plus , I was good . Never short of parts being offered me and pats on the back by those who seemed to know .

        Prior to my planned departure at around 25 /26 yrs old ..life threw me a curve ball I never saw coming . I sustained a brain injury which changed my life forever . Not only could I not remember my best friends names …well I could not retain long … even short scripts . My past at best became photographs and the future I was optimistically dancing into had been blown out like a candle in a hurricane .

          In my early thirties I took up painting seriously and in the ensuing years I was building what would be perceived by many as a promising future …my art was well received and usually was the first or second painting to sell in large group exhibitions , my work at that time was selling for $500- $1200which was regarded by a lot of my peers as good money then .I had commissions from wealthy people in fancy houses …got my share of awards etc etc . By my late thirties I was approached by a backer who had galleries around the world . He said he would put up $300,000 to take my work into limited edition prints and market them for me. Understandably I stopped selling my work and self promoting . I just needed to come up with six paintings he liked …anything I wanted to paint …he had already purchased earlier works of mine …and gave me free rein to follow my own direction .

         If there are any artists out there reading this you no doubt will appreciate the HUGE gift this man gave me .When we link money with our art …I can see how terribly difficult it is to veer off the proven path …the best sellers …the most popular …the style people appreciate the most and are prepared to pay for . If one has a family to feed …well…my read is it is very, very difficult to not be influenced even unconsciously towards that which puts bread and butter on the table

        It wasn’t long before I realized that this Dream Offer had other agendas …it seemed he not only liked my art… he was interested in becoming involved with me personally . He was married and even though I lived with a brain injury which meant I was constantly having to deal with whatever was showing up in my NOW moments with very little sequencing ability .

Bottom line …some things just are not for sale ..so that exciting career potential fell by the wayside .

         This second major factor effecting my art practice which I had HONESTLY totally forgotten till just prior to this writing …was a massive GIFT…even tho this man left my life …I realized and adored the freedom having taken the dollar out of my art equation had given me ….I stopped selling my work for over twenty years . Not because they weren’t saleable or people didn’t want them ….or even the old …

“ Too attached to your art you can’t let it go ?”

No ,none of the above applied .


I just loved having the dollar signs removed from my art making …like I get an image of swimming naked without the old heavy lead weights that divers used to wear.  I was also very aware for some reason …even still a bit illusive to me that I NEEDED to get a large body of work behind or under my wings …so I did and I have …and it’s all work I have painted because I Chose to …for me ..

         As an artist I have been blessed with such incredible priceless freedom .


If the reader would bear with me and allow me to ADD a third factor which yes …you may have guessed I only just remembered !!!

        I few years ago I faced the reality that I may not have long to live . I am not someone who lives with regrets …it is basically against my religion . Yet through this experience I regretted not having got my art out into the world , never having got those three decks of inspiration cards I designed actually made into those Apps…not having been able to accomplish getting my works into print …never having published my book.

        Yes I am an incredibly private person and often reclusive …even so I have had 14 solo exhibitions to date . Not to sell anything to anyone…but to share with my world the work that has come through me . I kinda felt it was selfish to work away in a studio …create a series of artworks and never share it with the people who bake the bread and make the great coffee and fix your car or cut your hair …whoever …I wanted to give back to my community because they are part of what makes my life have meaning and depth .

          We live in a different world to the world I was born into …even the world of a few years ago is gone …I have past sixty years old and with becoming an elder I am ready now to step up into my place in the world and say …this is who I am ….this is my life ….the bits I have remembered so far. Having this website has given me a platform to bring together what I have experienced as a wonderful creative life …I have painted paintings that inspire many …not least of all myself . I have written books …had my own fashion label , participated in making documentaries …designed decks of inspiration cards ..written songs and most recently a movie script .

          I have walked barefoot thru a world that offers fools gold . …It has taken me time but I have the real gold …a life I love …a daughter that loves me …a granddaughter now who takes me on epic walks thru her world and a son-in-law who just over a week ago put one of my songs to music and recorded it for me …for this site …not because He got paid …he’s not for sale either …because he loves me .

           I hope you enjoy this site …I am excited to have all the fractured disappearing bits of me all in one place …I think it will make me proud of myself …not in a show off ego way …just in a way I can finally see myself as the whole artistic creative being that I am .

                           Sending you Love

                                julianne Zoviar clunne


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This project is in partnership with Accessible Arts

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This project is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW