Julianne Zoviar Clunne

“I am so much more . . . . . than . . . . that which I am not!”

Birdie Told Me (Sci-fi) Excerpt Continued...

Arnen continued on.... pondering the choices he had made. He knew he had made the right decision to return to earth before the shift. It had become obvious from the viewing panel on the ship that Juni was fading ... The constants scalar harassment and being targeted by the Predators was taking its toll .Not only was her mission at risk ….her very life was and that was not something Arnen was prepared to play Russian Roulette with. They had been separated for far too long especially on a twin flames timeline. No it was not something he had to mull over at all. And even tho it would have been a challenge to find a suitable "walk-in" on such short notice normally - well these were hard times on Earth and many brave souls were opting to leave - mission or no mission, sometimes one has to cut ones loses and leave - such was the environment Arnen found himself propelled into once the basic details were sorted.. And no it was not ideal - Arnen was stepping into the body of a man more than ten years younger than Juni, who lived on another continent and had different skin colour. They had done it before and Arnen knew their magnetic soul ties would be so strong Juni would recognise him. Well that was the plan anyway in 2015 on a planet far from home - but a planet whose cries had been heard across the galaxy …for too long now for the real” powers that be” to be unmoved. Not only were they moved but they were motivated …into a joint operation that coordinated much of the evolved inhabitants of the universe and then some!!



Excerpt - Pages 36-40

At about 1’oclock Arnen received a text from Juni saying she wanted to come early and talk with him about something that was troubling her …he texted straight back “ I’m here …putting kettle on for you …see you soon xx” …Arnen asked for clarity on the situation from the Ship …the message he received was cryptic …  “Time matrix breached …Juni fully cloaked …no problem”..so he had an idea by the time Juni arrived at the front door …she looked visibly shaken ..like she had been in shock . Arnen just wanted to reach out and hold her and tell he was here now ..All was going to be fine …but he couldn’t he knew it would be the catalyst for many of her codings to kick in and tonite was not the right timing …soon he kept telling himself but not JUST yet !

           “Come in Juni …I will help in any way I can ..Is it Lucy? Are they OK ? …Sorry, sorry …lets head out on the verandah ..I’ve got some herbal tea and you can have a cigarette and tell me all about it in your own time …”

   They both seated themselves at the wicker table out the front overlooking a beautiful blue ocean …Arnen proceeded to pour the tea ..while Juni rolled herself a cigarette …she then began .. “ This is all totally out of my depth ..And very out of my normal reality so please , please bare with me … I had the most …seriously the most surreal dream this morning and I can’t seem to come to any peace over it …you are in it by the way …I did try to contact Val but she often has her mobile switched off so …sorry to come here so messy but I needed to talk to someone about it “

           Arnen assured her he was totally fine with whatever she was going to share and to just tell him what happened as much as she could remember and they could talk about it when she had shared …sometimes people interrupting the flow makes the experiencer get all jumbled …he explained handing her the cup .

          Juni lit her cigarette ..gazed out over the Bay and began … “ I dreamt you and I were in this other world …it was us …I knew it was you even tho you didn’t look like you and when I saw myself in the reflector of the launch we were on I was about thirty years old …we were with some kind of border immigration officials ..Who were saying something about all the clearances had been finalized and we were allowed to set down on what he kept referring to as ‘the new continent’…the way he said it was as if humans were not normally allowed.. like it was in some sort of quarantined zone …But Arnen …I know it was a dream …but I swear to God it felt so real …so incredibly real …I think that’s what is freaking me out the most …not what happened or what I saw …but I’ve never had a dream like this before”…she took a drag on her cigarette and a sip of her tea and Arnen could see she was starting to calm down …he had told upstairs to adjust the frequency of her implant to stabilize her nervous system …Juni let out a sigh and continued “ I wasn’t scared at all in the whole dream ..it was like I had done this sort of stuff before ….there was an opening made in an atmospheric shielding device and we went thru and stepped off the boat and onto the land ..It was kind of spongy underfoot and you took my hand as if we were a team …very familiar ..very in synch ..Then from what I gather everything else in the dream was carried out telepathically …no words spoken out loud …just words inside our heads ….you spoke to me and I spoke to you using our minds ….and then we spoke to …and I can’t believe what ….anyway … the dragons …we were speaking to dragons …there I said it …little tiny baby dragons the size of flying foxes …there were a dozen or so …but they said that there were thousands on the new continent but these ones were here to represent their different soul groups …they said they were sad and worried that the authorities did not understand their need to be with their human partners …they said since the Shiftthey were able to exist in their physical dragon bodies instead of in the past being forced by something called The Predators to inhabit the bodies of certain canines …certain dogs …which had been very , restricting for them …but to a large extent they put up with the inconvenience because they at least could be in close proximity to their owners ..as they used to be called before the shift …but the spokesdragon said … “No one can own a dragon …we are free souls …but we have for most of us a connection with a specific immortal that goes back to near the beginning of time …we agreed to protect them as they were here to change the universe because they were always referred to as the “WILD ONES” …the ones who broke through the structures of conformity and indoctrination..” as the dragon was telling us this my mind saw images of people I have seen in this life …some were bikers …some were hippies …some were just break away …what society called outsiders …and yes they all had dogs …Juni even was sent an image of her three main dogs she had in her life … The dragon went on to express the delight that they were now able to fly and inhabit their true identity bodies …BUT …and here was the problem for them …they wanted to be reunited with their humans and because the reality on earth had not allow for the real story about Dragons and indeed Fairies and Unicorns and Elementals to a lesser degree …they had all been delegated safe space on the new continent that rose out of the ocean at the time of the shift …it was like a paradise and was not to be affected by humanity in any way until the human consciousness has risen to such a level that there would be total respect and acceptance of these creature who had been delegated to fantasy and imprisoned in lower vibration physical bodies for centuries by the Predators because they knew they would inspire passion , and rebellion .”

          Juni drew her breathe … “I ….me , myself , I …told the dragons that I would tell their story to the appropriate ones” ..Juni started to feel her eyes burning and tears forming … “Then the spokes dragon flew right up in front of my face and engaged my eyes …it somehow transmitted the most profound feeling of love and respect into my being and I heard it say “Doulton” …then I woke up …and I was shaking and sweating”….

               She then reached into her bag and pulled out a large photo…”this was taken in about 1980 at a local market at the Channon …this was me and my dog “Doulton”.”


Juni looked forlornly across at Arnen with small tears rolling down her cheeks …and in that instant he knew he had three choices…he could erase her memory of the whole experience …like one of those MEN IN BLACK sequences one thinks only happens in movies …he had the technology …and it was not merely a tool used by the Predators or his civilization …most advanced Galactic citizens could do it . This was not a real option even tho it would have been the fastest simplest solution to the situation he was now facing . One needs to understand that the constant use of those technologies can cause residual damage to the brain and memory functions of individuals subjected to it too often …and Arnen had witnessed Juni having her memories deleted on many occasions by the Predators because she had witnessed things they felt were not in their best interests to be remembered and she had in her early days gone into other dimensions unwittingly and been targeted by those in control of that space and time continuum . But mainly he would not use such a strategy because most highly evolved beings regarded it as very bad manners …a kind of a technological arrogance upon less evolved beings … the spiritually highly evolved races regarded these humans as merely on a different place in their evolutionary growth , not less than themselves …but more …innocent… as a good parent or Aunty would regard a child stumbling into new knowledge and wanting to understand …and as with a child coming across the new information …the adult can say “forget it it was nothing ! … or give some throw away line to divert the child because they are too lazy or busy to find an eloquent response …Truth has a resonance and even as children we know when it is not present …


      In theory his next choice was to lie …but given that that was basically against his religion unless lives depended upon it …so that choice was quickly struck off the list …


        Which really left him with one option , “Juni firstly thank you for trusting me ..and secondly I’ve heard of this sort of thing before …so relax …since my retirement as I call it ..I have been doing a lot of research into a field that has always intrigued me …Quantum Physics …now I am no expert by any means but I have heard theories about timelines …and the possibility of all our lives being lived simultaneously …this could even be a future life or timeline that you were experiencing because something triggered that memory to come forward …some people would love to have had that experience ..would maybe even form a Dragon Rights Movement …only kidding “ he said flippantly and looked over to see she was now smiling .. “But my best read is it’s some prophetic futuristic experience you have had and it was very real and it exists somewhere in this multiverse …at some time …good to know we will be working together in the future …I always felt a recognition of you since that day we first met at the markets …well the first time we have met this life time anyway !” he finished the last sentence raising his shoulders up and lifting his hands to chest height in a kind of maybe ? what do you think gesture …

         Juni was so relieved , she smiled and said “COOL ..I can live with that …and don’t you think it is amazing considering the big dragon painting I am working on …OK I’m good now ..I will ponder this but my energy around it is good now…it just didn’t make sense before ..thanks Arnen my future friend and co worker”

    He had to use all his concentration not to blurt out “OH don’t you worry I plan to be and have been much, much more than that already my love !” but he didn’t instead he said …”OK now that we have solved all the problems of the Universe are you up to giving me a bit of assistance with preparations for this Grand Aussie Barbie you have me so nervous about !” he said tongue in cheek ….but all he wanted to do was hold her and never ever let her go …


        What he omitted to share with Juni was the fact that her experiencing their future together this morning meant only one thing ….the Predators artificial Time Machine Matrix keeping time in a linear form was breaking down and it meant he had less ‘time’ than he previously thought …the Shift was closer than many had estimated …and estimate is all anyone could do …the Shift after all was coded to happen when a certain frequency was reached which existed independently of any time ..date ..or prediction .



Excerpt - Pages 65-67

 Arnen’s suspicions were well founded …he had a forboding feeling as he looked at the screen monitors of all the Allied Vessels orbiting Earth. He knew the strategies of the Predators commonly involved multiple surprise attacks on targets at the same time in order to inflict the most amount of pandemonium. Four other motherships and reconnaissance vessels had been targeted and they had lost their sistership “ Santone”. Reports were coming in of crew members being rescued as they ejected in their escape pods but the loss of such a large vessel and the destruction of all the technology on board was a major setback .

         An emergency meeting was called by the Galactic Forces to come up with ways to curcumvent this happening again …an additional etheric field was implemented on all vessels to detect and shortcurcuit future incoming AI forces .

Arnen knew it was a chess game ..he knew the AI would eventually work out how to overcome this latest security device . A thinktank was set up to come up with new strategies ..it was a race against time ….their thinktank contained dozens of highly advanced species with incredible technologies …but they were up against a soulless ruthless entity who had access to all the information in the Universe and the capacity to work out probability outcomes in seconds .This time pressure situation brought home the reality of just how important it was for humanity to wake up …for TwinFlames and soulmates on missions to be reunited and activated on their missions as quickly as possible . He clicked on the monitor for Juni …and began to shake his head …a setback at this point was the last thing he had hoped to see , but that was what he was confronted with . He slumped into one of the control panels swivel chairs and flung his head back …started to push his fingers over his forehead and thru his hair …trying to work out what he could do now .


      Minutes earlier in the desert in outback Australia , three friends were huddled around a campfire next to an old caravan beside a dried up lake bed . A huge fireball broke into their conversation as it entered their vision …it was massive and it had sound associated with it . Non of them had ever seen anything as spectacular and they watched in awe as it transversed the sky leaving a bright coloured tail with an aftermath of smoke and debri . “Wow, that was amazing …I wonder what that was ?” said one of Margaret’s friends when the fire display in the sky had dissolved out of their vision . “It was so beautiful …the colours …and huge …it can’t have been a meteor or a comet surely ?”

           Margaret had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach ..she didn’t say anything to her friends …but after they left she settled her breathing and asked

“Was this a ship ?”…

 “Yes” came the answer …

 “Was it a Predator ship ?”

“No” she heard as that sinking feeling ramped up even further

“Was it one of ours?” she asked not wanting to hear the answer…

“Yes” came the answer that as a starseed she feared would come .

“Are the souls on board OK?”…she further enquired .

“Most escaped before the final break up of the vessel …a few of the medical team that stayed behind to tend the hospital stayed but their souls will be retrieved in the next few hours …so mainly structural loss …no souls ultimately perished in this event you witnessed”

        She sat for a long time pondering her future plans …and then made a snap decision …she needed to get to Lucas as soon as possible …she knew he held the key to all of this for her . She knew it would never make sense to any of her friends ….racing off to find a man who had vanished from her life years ago …the odd postcard …no forwarding address …now an email that he was coming back to Australia and he would be on the property they had visited all those years ago when they were young and carefree and had absolutely no idea about what was really going on the planet let alone in the skies above .

       Lucas , Lucas , Lucas …the great love of her life …the one that got away ..or did he? ..she thought . It was love at first sight for Margaret . the very first time she met Lucas …she knew . She knew he was the one for her . And in the last few years she had come to intensely regret never having told him how she felt about him . Margaret always had such a grounded stable energy about her . Friends would tease her about how unflappable she was …how logical …how dependable she was .Traits she had come to see as her downfall in affairs of the heart . She was waiting till the time was right …till Lucas was ready …till she got the green light from her inner knowing that the time was right . It never happened …she lost Lucas …and no man who entered her circle since him had been able to shake some sort of deep deep knowing that Lucas and only Lucas would do as her life partner .

       She had been satisfied in the early years thru University …she swam in a small group of close friends who met regularly , laughed lots and spent most of their holiday time trekking off together around the country . Being headhunted for a top job in Banking in Melbourne put a bit of a glitch in the works for her …but the two shared skype sessions a few times a week and Margaret knew ..they would be together sooner or latter . Then he disappeared …no one knew where he was …a few had ideas as to why he had disappeared …but no one knew where he had gone .

          Six months later she got her first postcard from him with no forwarding address. This made her deeply suspicious …she knew that the Predators had used such a strategy in the 1950’s 1960’s brain drain era …when they recruited top brains , technicians and inventors from countries all over the world to relocate to the new Mars colonies . It was a trick of course but millions of Earths brightest and smartest agreed to take their families into outer space because they were spun a storyline about the planet Earth being in danger and an alternate base needed to be set up in order to safeguard humanities ultimate survival . Once they arrived on Mars a whole different scenario unfolded and the luxury accommodation promised turned out to be little more than a prison cell for them and their children. Part of the disguising of the huge disappearance of all these folk was that before they left …they wrote copious amounts of postcards to friends and family …that were later sent by the authorities …supposedly from the foreign country they had relocated to …. As Margaret first held the postcard from Lucas …she knew it was his handwriting …she had no doubt …she was just too emotionally involved to be able to get a clear read on his whereabouts …was he here on earth …or had he been taken offworld ?

               A week ago in the middle of her trip to the outback …she got an email from him …he was here …on planet and coming back to Oz …she nearly passed out with excitement ….but she managed to pull herself together …did her old Margaret …stabilizing thinking and told herself she would not go rushing to meet him and cut her long planned trip short . This latest outburst in the sky had made her rethink her plans …she should be able to get to him near Byron Bay in two …three days at the max . She just had to figure out how she was going to break it to her travelling companions .



Excerpt - Pages 90-95

Lucas knew all about the Predators . Starting back in the late nineties he and three friends went down the rabbit hole in search of the truth . He was the last surviving one from those days . The information is out there they used to say as they gathered at one of their homes to discuss the latest bits of the puzzle they had dug up . Lucas grabbed his passport and his backpack and headed out of the country when he heard of his third friend in the space of three weeks mysteriously suiciding . It was a trauma filled time for him back in 2009 . He didn’t know where he was going he just knew he had to get out of the country . He hopped from country to country in South East Asia until he finally paused …or what he called paused in Thailand . He was running on adrenalin for those first years when the reality of the deadliness of the situation he and this planets inhabitants were facing . Most of the world were totally oblivious to what was going on . So clever was the strategy and so thorough was the global brainwashing that the Predators had built into the system that someone like Lucas had he wanted to share his knowledge …well he would just be dismissed as a nutter or conspiracy weirdo . But Lucas had learnt his lesson in the most shocking way and had become very wary of sharing even the most basic of his findings with people he met . Even after the third year working in an Internet Company there in Bangkok …most of the co-workers in the firm knew very little about Lucas . Sure he was polite and smiled and shared small talk about the traffic..the financial markets and local politics ..But he never …never mentioned the Predators or their network. He did not wish to endanger another innocent life .

                       He kept up his research on the net …listening to whistleblowers on alternative radio shows and reading countless articles. Always scanning through the information doing his best to discern what was Truth and what was deliberate Predator disinformation .

                      On some intuitive level Lucas knew he had to just lay low …be as neutral as possible and not attract attention to himself …he didn’t know why …he just knew that was what was required . He was in a way living two lives ..the Aussie computer programmer who was living in Bangkok because people thought he loved the lifestyle , the food and the prospect of one day being promoted to the head office in California . Then there was the deeper Lucas the one who knew he was here to help humanity break free from an Extraterrestrial presence that had been writing an ugly script for earth’s inhabitants for many thousands of years.

                       Lucas was extremely , extremely suspicious of other people …he knew the Predators lived in the next dimension and had so many abilities …including using other humans to mess with targeted individuals. He had witnessed it with his friends back before he fled Australia . Because he was such an eligible bachelor in Bangkok there had been an almost incessant stream of approaches made over the first eighteen months of him arriving . Lucas was a healthy normal man ..but …he was very , very aware of the use of sex and the Predators use of sexual energies on the planet . He became regarded as a non sexual target by the pros and opportunists in his local district …and after several years he had begun to believe it himself . He was alone and that was how he believed he had to play his hand to stay alive and keep balance in his life .  He lived quite simply in a small apartment in a hi-rise building near a busy intersection , a portion of his pay he used to support three orphanages , one in Vietnam , one in India and one in Africa . It wasn’t much Lucas always thought to himself as he read the occasional letters from the children …but it was something …something he as an abled bodied human could do to ease the plight of some less fortunate kids on the planet …until the world was healed …he knew he was going to contribute what he could to minimise at least some of the suffering of his world .

                      One thing Lucas had learnt over the years was patience …he had an inner understanding that timing was everything in his case . He was waiting for his inner guidance to kick in and give him the next piece of the puzzle , the next path to walk down , the next place he had to be .

                      March 2015 gave him that missing piece and his years of patience seemed to all pay off at once …he never would have guessed what would happen and in a way he was glad he was so reclusive and was not required to put into comprehensible words what happened that night …that Tuesday night in mid March . Lying in bed with his Javanese sarong knotted at his waist he woke and looked at the digital clock across the room 2:31 it flashed at him and as his eyes adjusted to the dim light in the room he noticed a ball of indigo blue light …he thought it was a result of looking at the light of the clock but as he moved his eyes around the room he noticed the light remained in the same spot ..then others appeared in the room …until there were eight or nine orbs about the size of baseballs softly moving eight feet from his eyes . The next thing he knew he was in an auditorium in what he could only presume was a space ship of some kind . He was not alone …hundreds of others were there …quite a lot of military , official type people …some politicians …but the group he was in seemed to be all civilians …a mix of many , many races …most of which he recognised from his travels …but a few who to his eyes were exotic and from perhaps South America and parts of Africa he had not had exposure to before . There was a briefing of sorts is the best Lucas could describe it to himself later …the civilians were informed that they were all Starseed and were part of a contingent of several million souls on the planet who had volunteered to be here at this time in order to infiltrate the prison system here on earth and be a part of what was foreseen as a smooth transition into freedom for the occupied territory of earth and some of the surrounding colonies . Due to the level of deception currently involved on Earth …it was deemed by the Beings of higher dimensions that it was no longer a case of humanity using their Freewill to create the world of their choosing ….the Predators it seemed had stepped over the line to such a huge extent that a Galactic intervention had now been given the green light and Starseeds were being activated to contribute their energies and abilities to tip the scales in the direction that most humans had been praying for . The Starseed contingent were told that they would be given full support from the ships currently cloaked around the surface of earth’s atmosphere . Individuals would be prompted to perform certain functions which singularly may not seem extra ordinary …but collectively would raise the vibration of the planet to such a level that the Predators would no longer be able to exist in the high vibrational atmosphere . The military and other officials were being briefed about a series of arrests of key players who were being manipulated by the Predators and there was a plan for some sort of a Crimes Against Humanity Tribunal to accompany the massive disclosure of the Truth about what had been really going on on Earth for so long . It was a complex mix of emotions with most of the Starseeds being excited and relieved and for many like Lucas validated . The more official types Lucas noticed expressed mixed responses …some seemed out of their depth and floundering with some of this new information ..while others seemed very keyed in and focused . He was informed that this was not a one –off event and that many hundreds of thousands of Starseeds had been given this crucial information . Not all had their memories fully intact on being returned to their bedrooms or offices or gardens or wherever it was that they were before their pick up.

                   Lucas found himself back on his bed and quickly looked over at his clock …2:31 it flashed at him . He just laughed and laughed ….it was such a relief for him after all his years of feeling so incredibly alone …and in that instant he knew he would return to Australia …it was time ! He gave a months notice at his workbut they convinced him to continue with the encryption project he was working on from a distance …his hours ..Whatever he wanted …no one else could complete this close to the finish line prototype he had invested eleven months to get it to this stage. ‘Perfect’ he thought … ‘I can go home and take my time…decide my next course without financial pressure’. He then did something he had wanted to do for years . He wrote to his brother . Lucas had been so protective of his family and remaining friends in Australia that he had virtually severed contact when he fled in 2009 . He sent odd postcards from different locations in his travels …just saying he was alive and well but he never included a contact address .He didn’t want to draw any unwanted attention to anyone he loved . Now he knew it was safe …the chess pieces had moved in the favour of the light and the dark players had less power to rule the playing field on the planet . As the last weeks in Bangkok  came to an end …he felt like the last few years of treading water were over …He was looking forward to a surf …and sitting on white sand with a fresh salty body and just a tinge of sunburn on his skin . He was truly excited for the first time in years…these were exciting times Lucas realised .


                Juni was excited …she was up early to prepare for the boys coming to install her new bath …well… an old ball and claw cast iron bath that she had bought years ago but never had the finances to pay to have her bathroom remodelled . The $20,000 from Arnen had made so many things possible for Juni and she was over the moon with excitement …she was finally going to be able to soak in a hot bathtub again …delicious …just delicious she thought to herself . Jason arrived with his brother Lucas who had recently returned from overseas and within ten minutes a young friend of Jason’s arrived who was a plumber. Jason assured Juni that it would be fully functioning by late that afternoon. Val had offered to come over at lunchtime and cater for the men and be the tea lady …also to surreptitiously keep an eye on the progress and add that feminine touch if it was required …she understood how important this renovation was to Juni but she also was aware that for reasons unbeknownst to the others she had to be somewhere else slightly more important that day .

                 The men got stuck into the project straight away ..taking measurements and pulling pieces of copper piping and taps out of the back of Jason’s stationwagon . Juni liked Lucas from the moment they were introduced ten days ago after Jason and Baz had driven up to the Gold Coast to pick him up from the airport . He was a lot smicker than our Jason …but years of city living and working at the high end of technology made him and Jason like cheese and chalk for the undiscerning . Juni however was very discerning …she read energies in a way that was second nature to her but not a gift everyone had developed to the level she experienced. Even though Lucas seemed more guarded than some of the locals …it was as if she had the ability to see into peoples hearts and she was happy with what she saw in Lucas …He would be an asset to the community when Jason was away in India and Matie sure would need someone to step into Jason’s shoes whilst he was absent. The housesitting /dog minding arrangement would work out perfectly Juni surmised.

                    Squealing excited barks were heard from the driveway and when Juni looked up the path she saw Matie excitedly squealing and whimpering and giving little yelps as she franticly encircled Arnens legs making it almost impossible for him to move forward ..The tall man to a tiny dog bent down and picked him up and gave his face a tussle and his body a shaking squeeze “ What’s up little man, I’m happy to see you too”…he placed him on the ground and told him to “Take me to Juni”…at which he raced off around the back of the house to the clothesline …on seeing her he kept wagging and whimpering and looking back to the new arrival . He would look at Juni and then look at Arnen …all the while wiggling and waggling and even threw in a few of those vertical lift offs that those little dogs are adept at ….by the time their eyes met they were both laughing at the glee of their tiny friend .

                 Juni had been hanging out the last of her washing when Arnen arrived a few minutes before 11 . She had woken up early and knowing the water would be cut off at some point for the renovations …she got a bee in her bonnet and proceeded to wash everything in sight …she laughed to herself how crazy humans can be …remembering how just before Lucy was to come into the world she just had to have an ironing board ….she hated ironing and very seldom ever , ever ironed …but that was the fixating thought in the days before Lucy appeared …an ironing board of all things . The washing could have waited till tomorrow …but …she had to admit …some things we do just really do not make any sense at all.

              Matie found a good vantage spot and plonked himself down in the dandelion and penniroyal and spent the next few minutes looking from one to the other and for all intensive purposes appeared to be purring…such a huge turn around Juni thought to herself from the last time she had seen Matie actually take a lunge at Arnens arm .

                 Arnen bent down and proceeded to help Juni with the last of the white bathroom towels she was pegging on the handmade lean to clothes line .Their hands almost touched as they both reached for the pegs at the same time but Arnen acted quickly to make sure contact was averted . Juni didn’t notice . She flashed a smile to Arnen and said she would just get her bag …. “take your time I’m a bit early …meet you at the car”.

                 By the time Juni had checked her eyeliner in the bedroom mirror and grabbed her shoulder bag ,mobile phone and Mohair cardigan ….well the boys were out swarming over Arnen’s surprise he had told Juni about . As she rounded the corner she could hear Arnen’s voice ..

                “ It’s a heavily modified 1973 MGB GT …it’s got a V8 engine transplant …lots of modifications actually ….added power disc brakes ..Webber carburettors ..it’s been completely rewired… relays on the electrics …halogen units added . I mean way back then Pininfarina did such a beautiful job with the design ..but all these years later it was just a bit clunky for what a modern driving experience calls for . This is its test drive day today….Oh, and Jason …notice the paint..it’s one of the prototypes we are working on for the Indian division …possibly even for some shipping container projects . The paint does not set as rigid as most car body paint …it is actually when magnified more to the fluid end of the spectrum …it contains almostnano solar cell  components which collect solar energy ..and it is transferred into a long thin battery under the body of the car … the theory is brilliant ..so I’ll let you know how it goes …but you will have a similar one to get around Mumbai when you get there , tho …I’d use the driver to get around the city …pretty hectic …Oops sorry Juni …being almost aussie blokie here …talking about cars and holding you up ….my apologies” …. “Not at all ..I was totally engrossed myself …” she said looking over and seeing Lucas she introduced him to Arnen …as the men shook hands …Lucas thought ‘ I know this guy …I recognise his energy …Holy Shyte …he’s from the ship that night !’… without missing a beat Arnen telepathed back to him ‘ lovely to see you again and glad you are finally where you will be able to do your mission’ they unlocked their handshake and Arnen opened the car door for Juni … “ We must away I’m afraid ..we have a booking for 12 noon at Uki and I don’t wish to get a speeding ticket on my first day out with these two beautiful women”…and with that he climbed into the low drivers seat and purred the engine into action …as he pulled out the men stood staring up the driveway …all bedazzled by what had been shown …especially Lucas who now had an experience of telepathy that he could not phob off as his imagination ….he was kind of chuffed ! .

                   As they reached the highway Juni leaned her back towards the door and took an intentionally focused look at Arnen . She wondered if he had always been this good looking or was it a case of when you get used to someone’s company and their energy and you trust them more and the physical drops away to an extent and you see their beauty …their inner beauty tends to be more at the forefront than the …big eyes …or crossed teeth …or scar on the forehead. These things fade somehow …Juni pondered for a moment and then caught herself ‘Oh no ‘ she thought ‘Not the old love is blind routine again ….no .no …not going to fall for that one again ….been there done that …too many times before …but he does look very dishy today with that off white cowboy shirt on and the black skinny Levis ….Darn it Juni …stop being a cougar …he is ten years younger than you ..he was still in primary school when you had nearly finishedCollege …behave this instant !’ at which time she spun around and sat primly in her leather seat .

                    “Sorry I have been a tad distracted I am still getting used to this new car and am trying to feel how she handles the road” said Arnen .

                     “Well you are about to have the perfect gauge for her responsiveness ..at the next turnoffwe get onto a few kilometres of pretty bendy roads including a few almost hairpin ones …so it will be a good try out for you and the car …”

                      “ And if I pass what is my reward ?” Arnen said flirting .

                      “Well you get to park one beautiful woman and take another beautiful woman to lunch !” Juni whipped back matching his flirting vibration .



Excerpt - Pages 97-101

….half a world away in Detroit young LeviRoc was sweating … he was not a thief …and he was not a liar …but his mother was hard pressed to come up with an explanation for the two fifty dollar notes he kept giving her every morning for the last six days . And it’s not as if his mum didn’t desperately need the money …it was that she was terrified her son had become involved in ‘Crack’ couriering or something equally dangerous . But LeviRoc insisted it was just appearing in his little wallet every morning when he woke …he insisted he wasn’t doing anything bad and begged her to believe him …She couldn’t bear to lose her second son to the American prison system . So twenty four  hours ago she had rigged up a test . She had placed his little wallet in two ziplock bags, taped up securely with half a roll of cellotape which she had then placed inside an empty icecream container which she made LeviRoc watch as she filled it to an inch of the rim and placed it in the freezer ….and there it had remained …the frozen evidence of either his innocence or his guilt …and it was now being removed from the freezer to sentence him !   

                  LeviRoc was a good kid …but he was what is called an empath …he feels what others are experiencing …it can be difficult for children who have this ability because when they are young they are effected by those around them …emotionally and even physically . Some nights as he heard his mother cry herself to sleep he would feel her pain and wanted so desperately to be able to help her …when terrible things happened ..around the world even ..LeviRoc would sometimes be the one crying himself to sleep …He was not religious as such …but he prayed …and he didn’t even really know who he was praying to …but is heart was pure and his prayers were mostly about being able to help his mum out . It seems someone was hearing this little 11 year old because one morning he woke up and dressed to go to school and when he picked up his little cloth wallet to check he had his busfare money …there they were ….not one but two $50 bills …he raced in all excited and showed his mum and gave it to her ..she was gobsmacked and a bit excited the first day …but by the third morning of this mystery wallet deposit …she was getting worried and sat LeviRoc down and said it was over and he needed to tell the truth now …he said he was telling the truth and why wasn’t she happy …his prayers were being answered .

          On the sixth day she could take it no more and grabbed his little purse …now empty of it’s recently arrived $100 , squeaky clean empty and  proceeded to imprison it in a house of ice …for the next twenty four hour period . This time period by the way had just expired . LeviRoc watched on nervously as first boiling water was poured over the iceblock encased wallet and then his mum took to the cellotape and plastic bags with the kitchen scissors …she pulled the small tatty wallet out and opened it up ….more notes were inside …she put her hand to her mouth as she collapsed back into the old kitchen chair . LeviRoc came racing over and she grabbed him and kept saying over and over “I’m sorry , I’m sorry my darling boy for ever doubting you , It’s a miracle …a miracle”

              Money was appearing in all sorts of wallets and garment pockets all over the world . Not enough to have people talking or to be on the News because …who can you tell …who would believe you …and for some people it was a one off event …for others it was daily …but they all had one thing in common …they were all people taking care of others …or helping others …these were not selfish people …and they were often just appealing for help….some infact because they did not know how to carry on anymore . The world was indeed changing as some had predicted … maybe ‘ the meek shall inherit the earth after all’ thought LeviRoc’s mum as she looked deeply into her little boys eyes and said “Please forgive me”.

                 Abe Wisemanand Bretton Ingleby were in no-ones eyes ‘meek’ . They were both very wealthy and had climbed to where they were by treading on the faces of many a colleague and rival along the way . Mr Wiseman lived in Vancouver and Mr Ingleby lived in downtown New York with several other properties scattered across the states . They had never met . But they had something in common .Both of them had their automobiles stolen sometime on Saturday night whilst they slept . The police were called in both events and security footage was taken away by detectives to lead to arrests they all thought …even the footage of people coming and going and driving out of the high security car parks were taken .

                   Mr Ingleby was particularly shaken as it was his prized new Porsche 918 Spyder that had been snatched from a very high security building with sensor monitors set to go off if anyone entered the cars vicinity . Wiseman was less perturbed …but then his Rolls Royce Ghost set him back a third of what Ingleby had paid for his latest toy . No , Wiseman figured the insurance would cover it …he was mostly annoyed at the inconvenience . That was of course until the Police called at his offices later that day with the copies they had made and spliced from the crime scene . Firstly there was no footage of Wiseman’s Rolls Royce leaving the building . Secondly , footage of the car at the time shown on the video footage 11:59 pm showed the car disappear . It had even the most hardened police officers and detectives scratching their heads …they had their tech team slow down the footage and punch up the colour and what they detected was a lazer spot green light appear on the drivers side of the car …it expanded until it completely encapsulated the car …then it shrunk back down to the  small lazer spot of light it had started out as and a very small click was heard and a tiny puff of grey/green smoke appeared where the light was last positioned . The car seemed to have been somehow swallowed by the ball of light and it disappeared when the light did .

                    By the time Inglebysaw his footage with his equally shocked and disbelieving police representatives in New York…he knew . This was not the first of‘ his assets’ as he called all the things his money bought (including people) that had disappeared in the last four months . He had an escape plan of sorts worked out …not as good as his original …he had planned to be well and truly out of this world before this timeframe …somehow ..The timeframe seemed to have shifted forward and put a very big ratchet in the spokes of many of the criminals on the planet. This was not supposed to happen yet …he was told they had another three years to squeeze as much out of his companies illegal trafficking enterprises before he would be on one of the more advanced technology ships headed for established Galactic bases … leaving Earth to it’s downhill spiral …that he and associates through the Syndicate had set in motion .

                   The police had left and were getting into their squad car by the time he reached for the safes’ handle behind the painting hinged onto his bedroom wall …

“How dare you …bastard ..low life bastard,” he muttered to himself about the Detective in charge of the car investigation …he went over the conversation in his head …the yelling and ranting he had subjected the officers to and finally him saying “You have no idea who you are speaking to!” which usually worked …usually it sent the message that …superiors would be contacted and repercussions would be felt …but all that arrogant Detective said in a pointed tone of voice was “ And you obviously have NO idea who you are addressing …I am an Oath Keeper …and I know very well who you are …I’ve seen your name on a list” at which Ingleby ordered them to leave ..To get off his property. His hand was still shaking as he managed to open the safes security panel and place his hand on the scanner. The door flicked open and he rummaged through a pile of passports looking for the Australian one he had used barely a month ago to enter that country and make final transfers of the deeds of the property near the Predators underground base. He felt it was his best option. …There were of course bases in other countries but he felt he would stand out as a foreigner far too easily . He wanted to stay above ground as long as possible…he knew he had a better chance of going undetected there …he went to his phone and texted his office


                       PLAN B NOW IN PLACE

                      ACTIVATE OPERATION OVERLAY

He packed a small wheeled suitcase with a few clothes and put a wad of cash from the safe and some other papers into his carryon bag …walked out to the lift and downstairs …he walked past the concierge and porters and once he was sure he was out of their view he hailed a cab to the airport …He was now Bret Townsend an Australian businessman who had spent some years in the US hence his American accent.

                           On the plane he had time to more clearly think about his next moves. His companies would grind on without him physically being present. They had been set up for just such a possible scenario. He just never really perceived it as an option he would ever have to experience. Now here he was …on the run in a kind of high-flyer way. Not that he was leaving much behind that he could not buy in any destination in the planet. He was not a family sort of individual …human connections were only relevant as far as how they would serve his needs. He was a ruthless individual who fortunately had never had children. He dismissed the Flight Attendants offer of food with a rather swift flick of his hand .The First Class girls knew these type of passengers and at some point in the flight would be seen huddled in the kitchen area exchanging the gossip on the latest arrogant piece of misogyny to grace their space. They were polite but always so grateful at the end of their shifts to turn the key to their homes; if it was a hometown end destination …some had husbands waiting and kids eager to greet them. They all knew they were the lucky ones …the ones who had what money couldn’t buy and what people like MR BRET TOWNSEND in the luxury sleeper would never experience. They hugged their kids all that bit tighter.


                   It was just after noon when Mr Townsend opened the door of his multimillion-dollar house in Wategos Beach. The cars were in the garage .They were however not his normal luxury cars , he had to do his best to fly under the radar with the locals …no it was a Honda CRV and a BMW sedan …just normal for Byron.The staff from his firm had ensured that the house was also stocked with food and delicacies in the pantry and his clothes were all set up in his ensuite walkin wardrobe. He had a shower and decided to go downtown and see his new environment on the pretence of him being just another tourist having a leisurely stroll through the holiday destination of thousands.

                  He sat in a Sushi place looking out onto the footpath .He was relieved to see a few familiar faces …others like him from his underworld connections mingling with the throngs of holidaymakers, backpackers and locals. He never approached them; just a fleeting eye contact was all that was required for now …they all knew the possibility that they were being observed. They just didn’t understand how totally monitored their movements were. The Galactics were not only keeping a watch over their Starseed families they were also tracking the activities of the Predators minions. The Galactic ships monitored the consciousness gradient of the various sections of the planet …and Byron was rapidly becoming heavily loaded in the dark end of the spectrum .

                      The Galactics vessels had the technology to read peoples energy signatures and these folk had a very recognisable vibration. Some humans had the sensitivity to register when a person had dark entities in their field or were dark entities themselves …these were not people who made for comfortable liaisons with and the ‘sensitives’ would sometimes find themselves in places or with people that they just had to leave ..some did not understand why …others who had done more research into their abilities had even developed ways and means of neutralising these energies to a degree . Unfortunately battle with these dark forces in the old days was often a very dangerous occupation.

                 Townsend AKA Ingleby knew that many of his associates he had met over the years would be in the area …many had already moved into the underground base 15 minutes drive from here. He however wasn’t ready for the underground life just yet …sure it was luxury to a tee but he wanted to squeeze the last bits of his time on the surface . He was a hedonist and liked the thrill of the chase with innocent women who he hadn’t just paid for or indeed were provided in the ‘fort like’ bases spread all over the planet. The corruption of innocence was a huge victory for these entities especially when they could combine it with extracting as much fear as possible from their innocent victims.

                             Fortunately for the innocents of the world in the time leading up to the Shift the vibration of the Planet had reached such intensity that the dark just could not reach in and contaminate the light anymore . What Townsend did not know was that even though he had been led to believe that he was pretty high up the food chain …the Predators at the top had sold them all out and they were being offered up and exposed in an effort to protect the Kingpins at the top .

                             Ironically part of the Predators conditioning of the public in order to stop them connecting as one humanity had been the teaching of the saying and philosophy of ‘IT’S A DOG EAT DOG WORLD’ …this had been widely circulated in order to dehumanise people so that they would be programmed to turn a blind eye to global injustices ….well ‘what goes around comes around’ …is an old Karma linked saying and it was finally showing signs of coming full circle . The back stabbing and betrayals of all levels of the Predators food chain was rife …they were throwing each other under the train in order to attempt to avert the eyes of the world from looking too closely at their own crimes against humanity .

                       In the planning days before the Shift one of the Galactics prime concerns was that if Humanity was given full disclosure of the goings on of the Predators and their infrastructure …it could turn into a bloodbath with many of the lower levels of corruption being lynched by angry mobs . The negative burden of taking another’s life would then be passed on to what may be millions of otherwise innocent souls . That is why the Galactics had a staggered system of releasing critical information in a highly thought out way …it was in no way random.

                       Universal Law was kicking in big time and Karma as many people referred to the immediate response to ones actions was now in place …


                    Good intentions , actions= cosmic pressies …

                    Naughty activities , behaviour=  whack …


                     And even tho the Predators controlled the media and what humanity was being told was the story of their world….what was happening to the average person on the street was a much more interesting and amazing story.


Excerpt - Pages 104-107

By the time Arnen unlocked “Bessamai” and handed the keys to Juni …she was well and truly relaxed and ready for a leisurely drive over the mountains back home . Arnen had convinced her to drop him back to Byron and keep the car until they drove to Brisbane on Thursday …something about needing to use the hire car for a few days before returning it …and “nothing will happen to the car …it’sgot Driving Angels as Val calls them …protection from other dimensions !”

                        Juni loved how responsive she was ..and just as well she was because as Juni attempted to turn right into his driveway …a Black BMW came screeching overtaking …only her fast response and “Bessimai’s” fabulous braking system saved the day …she then pulled up the drive and parked beside the green Holden stationwagon . “Come in for a quick cuppa and a ciggie before you head off ..please …that was a bit of a stressful energy breaking into our lovely outing …so lets stabilize before you drive again”. Frankly , it didn’t take much convincing . Juni was becoming very comfortable with this little cottage on the Bay . She headed in and flicked the kettle on as she made a beeline for the bathroom …the tea was waiting for her on the balcony …along with a fine bonechina ashtray with lavender wisteria painted on the rim …she loved his attention to detail and how thoughtful he was …she mentally gave herself a little slap on both cheeks ‘snap out of it you …he does this for everyone …not just you …don’t go reading things into kindness …from a lonely rich man.’

                      Inglesby …OopsTownsend screeched into his driveway and lowered the roller door as quickly as he could . He hadn’t quite mastered driving on the opposite side of the road and … ‘if it hadn’t been for his lightning reflexs I would have hit that stupid old woman turning across traffic into a concealed driveway …bloody locals’ he cursed as he went up stairs and poured himself a double scotch .


                     Juni lit her rollie and suddenly experienced a very strong invasive feeling of someone watching her …she looked around and wondered what was going on ….at that instant the question was posed …the answer was given …she found herself being sucked like a grain of sand up a vacuum cleaner …accept more precisely …DOWN …almost instantaneously she became a fly on the wall of what appeared to be some sort of underground military or spy facility. There were two men leaning forward over a type of screen with the image of Arnen and Juni ..on the balcony …only it was a video in present time …and Juni was watching herself puff on her cigarette …one of the men said“ Oh no , don’t worry about her …that’s Juni Raff ..she’s no threat …she’s got so many implants and interference it’s a wonder she has lasted this long …supposed to have written a book or made a movie some shit like that…on one of the other timelines ..so she has been targeted since childhood . She’s never going to cause us any problems ….but who’s this guy she with ..this black dude …can’t seem to get a scan on him …Bruce ….shit man .where’s that water coming from ?? ..” he said almost screaming … an emergency syren filled the eight levels of bunkers ,surveillance management rooms and the thousands of cubicles on this level that held images of civilians such as the fly on the wall at present …as water came cascading in through two of the left side doors …Bruce Shitman as Juni thought of him and his offsider joined the other  three dozen peeps in Area RT703 and scrambled towards the exits to the right . Screens and monitors started fizzling and crackling and some loud explosive kind of sounds were heard from the lift shaft below . Juni had seen enough …her curiousity about who was watching her had been well and truly quelched and she spun quickly back into her body onto one of her favourite verandahs overlooking one of the most famous beaches in the world .

                   “ Never going to cause any problems !!! well we will see about that …old lady …black dude ..my gosh …some people have such bad manners” she muttered under her breathe….she looked across to her friend …who was midway through topping up her tea … she couldn’t attempt to explain this one …well maybe on the drive to Brisbane in three days …she was too tired now …she just wanted to go home and ….WHAT ….what did she just want to do ???   she just wanted to go home and soak in a hot bath with Epsom Salts and Bubbles with a beeswax candle flickering softly in the corner of her new bathroom…and for the first time in years she was going to be able to …because …well that was what Jason and the boys were doing for her today…they were installing her antique bathtuband hooking it up to the hot water system …while she was out playing sportscar passenger AND driver ,lazing in the bay ..eating in yummy restaurants …her friend’s were making her dream come true …no she would talk to Arnen about it another time …besides she had no idea sometimes where these ideas come from that pop into her head .

                    The trip back to the community took what seemed like moments ..this “darling car” as Juni referred to her seemed to be on auto pilot and by the time they pulled into the parking space beside her house all Juni could think of was opening the present Arnen had told her was in the boot for her .

                    What could it be ?...she popped the boot and took out a medium sized parcel wrapped with a glossy paper of painted pansies on a black background …she hurried into the bathroom and started running the hot water into her newly cleaned bath . It had all the hallmarks of Val …she was such a great friend she thought as she noted the freshly washed towels all neatly folded on the seagrass chair to the right of the bath ….the small vase of flowers ..all Val’s handywork . By the time the parcel was unwrapped and the kettle had boiled ..the bath was nearly ready and within ten minutes ..with a cup of tea steaming on the enamel edge of the bath that wedged into the wall ,Juni was lowering herself into the slightly too hot water …filled with the bathmilk powder that had made up part of the present from Arnen . She really didn’t know how to make head nor tail of this man …he seemed to know her so well , her favourite colours , her deepest longings seemed somehow to be accessibleto him …how did he know so much about her she pondered …She used to buy this particular bathmilk recipe when she had lived in London all those years ago …but had never been able to find it here in Australia . And then there were the two luxury powder pink cotton bath sheets from Liberty London . She had spent many a lonely afternoon in London wandering through the way-out-of-her-budget aisles of Harrods …just looking , admiring the quality and craftsmanship of so many things she never really expected to ever show up in her world , let alone in her little home in the hills with her beautiful bathtub and those antique tiles she had lugged all the way on the plane from Portugal . Here they all were like pieces of a puzzle that were all coming together after so many decades of being a vision of a better life she had dared to dream of when she was young and free and had no reason to believe she wouldn’t have all her dreams come true …she never actually gave up on her dreams but like so many of us we put them on the backburner …to raise kids or look after others .Often the others in Juni’s life had often let go of their dreams and were on their way out of this world …she used to think.. “what does it matter if I give to this person who has so little time left !”…lonely people whose lives sparked up when she knocked on their door and bought them treats . We all make choices everyday Juni used to think … “I could hoard this meagre amount of money or I can share it and make someones last year , or month or days that much more fun and memorable”…good memories …and that Juni realised was what life and her life in particular had taught her . Make as many good memories for as many people including yourself and at the end you have had a successful life . She , like her friend Val often had the ability to intuitively know what someone else needed and when . She had never had it returned to her in such a torrent as she was experiencing with this new man in her life …almost as if  all her good karma was flooding into her life now and she was just a tad overwhelmed .

                         She sipped on her tea as she lay back in the hot milky water …indeed was feeling very blessed . Then the memory of the Mr Shitman and the water cascading into those offices out of the blue came into her head . Val was always considered by the community as the psychic one …she KNEW things and had many connections with the animal kingdom and ‘devas’ as she called them . Much to Juni’s disquiet …well she often saw things …many , many things which she very seldom shared with anyone …not even Val or JayJay. Frankly it freaked her out mostly …she most often would see images and then some time in the future what she had seen would unfold into her world . This thing today was different …it actually felt like it was in present time …like it really might have been happening as she was watching . Now that’s weird Juni thought …and freaky …well not scary freaky but …kind of “out there” freaky . Like her early warning system had moved forward in time and was now operating in the now ..but answering questions or responding to questions she was posing in the now moment …. Like she felt like someone was watching her and questioned it …within seconds she gets an answer ..Mr Shitman and his offsider were …then they get washed away . So was it real ?and if not where did that whole vision come from ?…And why now ? so many questions ..then she started thinking about whether Mr Shitman and all his friends were OK ? maybe they had kids at home waiting for mummy and daddy to come home ? maybe some of them wouldn’t and that thought was starting to make her tear up …she splashed water on her face and shook her head …Just a vision …probably nothing …think of a happy thought and she looked around her room at the beauty only she could really really fully fully appreciate and was so grateful …                                

                        As she stepped out onto the pale green and pink tiles ..big twelve inch square tiles and reached for one of her white towels she changed her mind and pattered over to the new towels from Arnen … “What the heck” she thought ..knowing she was taught to always wash new towels before using them …but the thought of wasting a great memory outweighed the rulebook ..she wrapped the bathsheet around her very relaxed body , she closed her eyes and thanked out loud …whoever , whatever ,it was that was watching over her . Arnen smiled and said gently … “you are so very welcome ,my love !”