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“I am so much more . . . . . than . . . . that which I am not!”

Kings of Mullum (excerpt - Chapter One) Continued...

Her eyes followed him watching his gait …the confidence that somehow oozed from his movements …she pondered the meaning of this meeting and how her heart had raced at his closeness. She watched till he was out of sight .

           And all the while they were watching her … “Bingo! this template works everytime ! He’ll av her in the cot in a fortnight ”said the larger older of the two men standing infront of the holographic screen in an underground base in southern California.

      “What do you mean Template? looked like a guy hitting on a chic to me .”replied Oscar

       “ Arh , you’re the new kid on the block …take it easy you’ll figure it all out …don’t want to burst your fairytale bubble of life all at once” chuckled Red as he was called by everyone in the Department Oscar had been transferred to . He didn’t like Red very much …he didn’t like the jaded bitter edge that lay just below the surface of his crude jokes and dismissive humour . Nor did he trust him …still he was assigned to him for the time being and he was determined to make the best of this so called ‘Promotion’…up another rung in the National Security System …tho he still had not the foggiest idea what a guy hitting on a woman in the backwoods in Australia had to do with the national security interests of America . So many questions that seemed would have to wait …Red moved away talking to some unknown voice , from an unknown place ,for an unknown reason on his phone . Oscar looked back to the screen where the young woman had returned to arranging her wares and serving customers …totally oblivious to the fact she was under the spell of some template . Oscar felt that same discomfort he had when he flew remotely operated drones coming out of Saudi Arabia  …when he sensed the target was more innocent then they had been lead to believe and he used to get that kind of crunching feeling in his gut empaths get. This young woman reminded him of his wife when they had first met …fresh and young and innocent with the world stretching out ahead of her with open arms . No …indeed something didn’t feel right about this Template business and he knew he would have to get to the bottom of it .

                  As his key clicked in the lock of his front door his heart jumped as he heard the sound of “Daddy daddy …daddies home” accompanied by two sets of bare feet racing towards him . He never grew tired of this afternoon ritual …never took it for granted …and no matter how tired or how full his head was of unanswered questions …they were quickly pushed to the background compartment of “lesser importance”. Becky was in the kitchen and the aroma filled the already upbeat hallway with smells of stir fried veggies with pungent fish sauce …and the clicking of spatulas on the metal wok…He scooped both his cherubs up into his six foot frame and hopped into the kitchen like a kangaroo .

“How was your day babe , save the world from nuclear destruction again ?”…it was a joke they shared …Becky had come from a military background and indeed military family …she understood he could not discuss his day even if he had wanted to .. “Same ol same ol …yes Superman saved the planet yet again …and now Clark has returned home …humble and grateful to be out of that bunker with a bunch of sweaty old men”…they both laughed and Oscar managed to get close enough to Becky to kiss before the kids erupted with “Outside, Outside”

 …. “ Five minutes OK ! then dinners ready”. The kids Eli and Reedan wiggled out of his arms and raced to open the twin doors leading out onto the patio and onto the garden…Oscar knew he was a lucky man .

               As he lay awake that night waiting for sleep to wash over him …he pondered the steps he had trod to end up in that bunker …he now called ‘going to work’…His father had served in Vietnam ..he was Oscar’s hero ..it was logical , almost predestined that he would join the military and when an IT scholarship was offered to him in his last year at school ..he grabbed it with both hands and never seemed to look back …IT skills moved into military surveillance…then working in a branch that decoded and developed anti -hackingprograms for the huge infrastructure he was now a spec floating inside . He loved learning new skills …loved the change and the challenge and he quickly moved higher and higher in his security clearance . But the recent work with the drones had tainted his conscience in a way he was not able to resolve . Sure he was just carrying out orders …hitting a designated target with a drone bomb …but that Friday morning as he passed a colleagues desk ….the dominos fell . He happened to zoom in on the target co-ordinates as he gingerly made his way to the bathroom . They were the same exact coordinates he had hit 30 minutes before in what looked like a remote village in Afghanistan. His colleague’s hit time was marked as 15 minutes from now . If it was a terrorist target as he was told …why a second hit 45 minutes later . The penny dropped …it was all part of the demoralizing psychological warfare being waged on parts of the world ill equipped to cope with the weaponry of this vast military complex he was a part of . Bomb hits target …rescue workers ..family members .. shocked neighbors rush in to look for survivors and carry out the dead …then a second bomb hits them . He made it to the bathroom just in time to throw up .

                   He wanted out …he signed up to protect his country …use his skills to protect his loved ones from the threat posed by outside forces . Not this .

Oscar had always heard voices …he was told when he was very young he would help make the world a better place . Up until that revelation that is what he thought he was working towards . He mentioned his recognition of the double hit on the same target to one of his superiors and saw immediately he needed to back peddle . Heard “ Not now ….Not YET !...head down …keep under the radar …your time will come”

                 Mercifully his application for a transfer was met with rapidity. He had skills highly sort in many departments …not the least his remote viewing and empath training. Here he was transferred to a new base into what was code named Project Goddess. Becky was into Goddess energy …Yoga …meditation and walking barefoot on the small patch of newly laid turf in the home they moved states to secure …He couldn’t tell her of course ..the name of the project he was working in …but quietly he thought she would be proud of him . And God knows he wanted something to be proud of after his last assignment. But after today? …

Well Oscar really needed his voices to come thru for him because he knew sleep would elude him all night unless he found some peace in all these unanswered questions. Finally just before the digital clocked flipped over to 11:11 he heard

  “This is what you came here to do …what it was all leading up to …keep your head down …take it all in …you WILL crack this …and yes, it is very very important.”


Kings of Mullum

Excerpt - Chapter Five (unedited)


“ Hey , You Oscar get over here NOW …zoom in on this woman …her readings are going off the Richter…looks like we might have to disable her !” bellowed Red across the room filled with large computer monitors and hi tech panels lined up beside them .By the time Oscar had raced across the room Red had been joined by the two other computer analysts …Oscar nudged his way thru and straight away knew what was going on “ Holy Crap” he thought to himself …whilst as calmly as he could he said … “ Narh she’s doing one of those full on manifestations meditations …she’s calling in Gaia and any outside benevolent forces to help her financially …she’s saying to them she has car rego coming up …leaky windscreen…I’m seeing her imagining money coming in from unknown and unexpected sources and she is squeezing it with all her might , that’s what she is doing …OK …do you need me anymore ?”…but it didn’t seem to satisfy the onlookers …as they watched intently as Nadia puffed on a cigarette and sipped her tea ….looking innocent enough but …her readings were so high …way too high even for his explanation …they were talking in a huddle about hitting the disable button anyway …they didn’t want to take any chances of crashing the program .

       Oscar knew what the disable button represented ….it shoots an etheric magnetic pulse into a persons energy field and scrambles their abilities and reverses the spin of their thoughts . He knew if this was activated now ..she could be trapped between time lines in no man’s land …the disable button is bad enough …it knocks people for days …some even go crazy with colliding thoughts but …She was doing a time line jump and if it was activated now ..and if she was between timelines when it hit her …there may be no way to bring her back ..well not that he knew of …

     Oscar had to think on his feet …it wasn’t 11:11 but he had to try . “ Sneider , emergency ….I need your help NOW !”he telepathed to the old man behind a closed door thirty feet from where he was standing “ Nadia is doing a JUMP …I need you to create a diversion NOW !”

    Within seconds the door to the old man’s room flung open and he came storming out throwing a bottle of sauerkraut hard against the opposite wall…the sound of shattering glass and contents splattering over screens was accompanied by Sneider screaming “ You , big guy …get me some real sauerkraut …I am sick to death of this crap …” he pointed at Red and held his gaze like a fierce beast at the end of his tether “ NOW” he yelled “ and not the cheap shit you have been feeding me …make sure it is organic or it will be your head on the chopping block when the powers find out you have disrespected me …NOW …NOW you hear me RUN !”

        Red raced out the door and headed to the lift …the other Operative scurried to find mops in the bathroom and  cleaning gear in the kitchen …the room was emptied …no-one wanted to face the Roth of the old man …they all had heard stories of his massive tantrums over the years …mainly when a family member had been suicided in an effort to control him and keep him working on updating the Template he had developed .Sneider was a genius alright and not in anyway stupid or naïve….he had developed the program in such a way that no alterations or additions could be made without him …he and only he knew certain keys into it …no one else had been able to decode his unique pathway in …he was recognized by the Powers as a genius…and he was …but they sometimes had trouble controlling him for their agendas . Recent quieter years had lulled them into thinking the lion had lost his roar …But he was back and they were all shitting themselves .

          Oscar was in the end cubicle in the bathroom by the time the lanky nerdy Operative raced in to locate the mop and bucket …not a job he felt matched his ranking ,but no women or unauthorized folk were allowed at that level …it was beyond Top Secret . He would have to clean up the old man’s mess . Oscar was leaving for the bathroom as he telepathed to Sneider ….using his training from his austral travel training he locked in total cloaking for his physical body and his energetic body , so the mop getter didn’t even see the closed locked door at the far end of the lavatory ….even if he had tried he wouldn’t be able to see.

     The moment Oscar was out of his body he began to track Nadia’s energy signature …he knew it like the back of his hand he had been staring at that screen with her on it for well nigh a year now …It tweeked …he had her in his sights but he was getting two bleeps ..one closer and one much farther away …he zoomed into the close one …Darn he thought …should have known …it was Vin …sitting with his hands cradling his face …Vinnie’s energy was very messy …well it would be …Oscar conceded …he knew the full picture ..well most of it anyway .

       Boy meets girl …major soul connection …lots of distractions …work , money other women . Girl leaves boy when he places other women above her . Boy thinks …Arh stuff it …plenty more where that came from . But it doesn’t work …something feels so wrong , so out of whack ….It can’t be about her surely he thinks ….still he can’t seem to shake this feeling that something is terribly wrong and he has absolutely no idea how to go about fixing it even if he wanted to …which at this point he doesn’t . He thinks he should be relieved …finally free of this stalker of nearly a year . But he feels anything BUT free .

        Oscar shoots him some healing soothing frequencies as he darts off to locate the matching signature to the crumpled guy …he prays he is not too late and that she is safely …at least in one timeline and not lost between them .

        He navigates to the location of her specific energy signature …no two souls on the planet have the same energy signature unless they are twin flames …he tracked into a room in what looked like medieval England or Europe …women were gathered around a young woman as she groaned and screamed in the throws of childbirth …a young man in wealthy attire paces the floor outside …praying …and pleading for a healthy child and his young wife to be free of pain SOON …her cries were tearing him apart . Oscar could sense what he was feeling and what was passing energetically through the castle that night …He pacing man was regarded by many as a strong man but ..love is something that can melt even that kind of resolute heart .
      The etheric body of Oscar spotted the etheric body of Nadia and straight away …she shot him the thought “who are you …and what are you doing here ???” …

 “ it’s  OK ..I know what you are attempting to do and I am here to help …you can trust me”…

   “Look I have to jump in this body now …I have to change this …if she dies Vin will never have a chance …I timed the jump for now …so I have to go …any help you can render ..yes …please ..please …I’ve never done this before”

         With those last thought forms ..Nadia slide into the young woman’s body …within minutes the baby crowned and was delivered alive and well …the women huddled around anointing the young royal boy with oils and wrapping him in silk and furs . But behind them the mother was drawing what was to be her last breath …but not if Nadia and Oscar had their way ….Oscar leant in over the bed and finally climbed up beside her …not even denting the down cover with his weightless form …he kept telling her to hold on …to stay here …but Nadhia was saying … “I can’t I’m being pulled out of my body …it’s so strong …I’m letting go …I’m floating ..out”…Oscar yelled at her telepathically “ Nadia …remember Vin …you have to come back …you have to…feel your body ….grab my hand …squeeze it …feel your body Nadia ..even the pain …come back …you can do this …you can make it …Nadia …your body is bleeding out ..you have to take control …you have to command your body to stop bleeding …tell it it is Ok …tell your body to stop bleeding …tell your body you want to live …see Vinnie Nadia …you want to live for him …that’s right ..breathe …bring your lifeforce back into the body ….you can do this …I know how strong you are …Nadia ..come back into your body and command it to stop bleeding immediately ….

      With that the young Princess took a deep low moaning breathe and two of the women spun around from the babies crib and rushed over to her with Rosemary and Frankincense oil and dabbed it on her wrists, her temple and waved the bottle under her nose …they too began talking to her ….more soothingly than Oscar had …more gently …more assuringlyand after a brief interval she spoke “Is our baby alright ?”… “ Yes , Oh , Yes Your Highness…you have a son …a beautiful healthy boy” the older of the two attendants responded stroking her hand and smiling adoringly into her eyes .

     Oscar pulled back from the scene …he had been at the births of both his children and cried …but he had never recalled crying whilst in an etheric body and it gave him pause to ponder …regrouping as it were he telepathed to nadia …


“How’s it going Nadia …you OK?”

Nadia’s etheric body slide out of the young mother …he could see her smile …she sent him a message to “Wait here”…and she passed thru the door into the corridor where the young Prince sat at the top of the huge staircase with his head in his hands weeping with relief …Nadia slide around beside him and wrapped her arms around him ….she whispered in his ear …as she planted kisses on his kneck “ It’s All going to be OK now my darling …everything is going to be so incredibly beautiful now …we shall have an amazing blessed happy life now ….I love you so much …please always remember this day and always remember me …find me remember me …always”

        Oscar pulled his energy back to give them some privacy …but seconds later when he went back to the scene she had vanished …he scanned the castle for her signature but it had disappeared …he panicked a bit …but pulled himself back into his centre as his years of training had taught him ….Focus …focus …he scanned everywhere till he finally picked up a trail of her signature leaving this timeline and going into another timeline ….a time between this time of Kings and castles and the future they had come from .

          He could remotely view her without being noticed …he watched almost open mouthed …she was onboard a spaceship …and Vin was beside her …they didn’t look the same …more angelic , blonde haired blue eyes bodies , but it was definitely their energy signatures he had located ..it was them ..

         Standing infront of a holographic screen panel Nadia and Vin watched …as the life they were about to incarnate into materialized in front of them …

“ See honey , I told you I would recognize you !”said Vin nonchalantly “I can find you anywhere in this Galaxy”

        Then Oscar saw himself on the screen and the Template being used to affect Starseeds was explained …the commander paused the screen vision …

“ The controllers on the planet are using all sorts of advanced technologies to thwart the Ascension process …one of them is this Template they are using specifically to break down the Goddess energy on the planet and for them …it can have the added benefit for them of completely destroying any possibility of Twin Flames having a happy connection together and thus being capable of anchoring Sacred Union energy onto the planet …. how this Template works …they insert real life time human’s energy signatures into screen memories of this King’s harem life …if they come across Twin Flames they make sure that the male is the King and the female is their first great love who dies in childbirth …this sets off a domino effect where he becomes bitter and unforgiving and it creates in their reality such huge Karmic debts and trauma in everyone’s lives . All the women …with their Goddess energy are damaged and these energies are shut down and tainted …they will insert you two into this program …it was developed in the early 1950’s and has been trialed in an ever increasing manner up unto the time you two enter the scene …they plan to roll it out completely in 2017 and it’s impact on the planets vibratory rate and ability to forgive and heal will be one of the deathtolls for humanity …that is why it has to be stopped ….we are working out strategies but it is impossible for us as Galactics to stop it ..it can only be accomplished by humans …it was created by humans and in Law it must be stopped by them …you will both have as much off world support as we can offer you but until 2012 …it will be very hard to have direct communication with you because the Grid set up by the controllers will only have tears in it after that date from our estimations …All starseeds incarnating on the planet for the last forty years and into the future are all preprogrammed to wake up at certain times due to specific trigger events…Once you wake up we can have round the clock connection and download assistance and ideas as to how to go about your missions …it is too dangerous for you both to go into bodies with that information in your soul memories …because they have technologies to read that kind of information”


…The screen rolled further now and Nadia was saying to Vin

    “Your memory seems a bit wanting in these months my darling …?”

The handsome man who was undeniably Vin stared at the screen in disbelief at what he was witnessing…

“I can’t believe I will do that to you …I won’t I promise …I will recognize you and…”

          But the Commander jumped in .. “It’s the Template …it is so strong it messes with any other life memories and soul connections and overrides them …He thinks you have abandoned him in a very powerful life memory for him and he has been programmed NOT to be able to ever forgive you for this”

     “Then I will just jump time lines and re-write the story” she said triumphantly to the Commander

“ Not that easy …it’s not like jumping timelines outside Earths proximity ….they have all sorts of technology to register and track anyone …You must be completely cloaked and NEVER attempt it on your own …Never my dear ..this is really important …it’s hard core down there …it will take you decades to remember who you are , let alone recover all your abilities you have here…I know you are confident …I know you are two of the best troubleshooters we have …but until you have experienced the depth of darkness and mind control being used on the human population ….well it’s an historic fact …we have lost many of our best and bravest .. Do not underestimate what you are up against down there EVER !”

    Next thing a flash occurred beside Oscar in the castle and he knew Nadia was back …they looked at each other and knew what was required …they both simultaneously lifted up high above the scene and flew along the timeline …they dropped down to view the progress of the newly written story …the King had decreed that everyone was to be gifted a gold coin pressed to commemorate the birth of his Grandson Lancelot …a name the young Princess had loved and Arthur conceded she had earned the right to call him whatever she wished after what she had endured .They saw scenes of Arthur and the young mother strolling peacefully thru gardens filled with flowers and Love definitely was in the air …they saw happy years where Arthur professed his undying love and gratitude to her that they had met and he had been such a lucky man ….the Kingdom stretched out before them like a Utopia …with happy folk tending their field and gardens and livestock …knowing that they had a fair ,just King who somehow with the Queen epitomized …to them what was possible …not because of their wealth but because everyone who laid eyes on them knew they shared a profound love and it affected all those around them ….they moved up to a point on the timeline …the King and the Queen were looking into each others eyes …lying on plush furs and cushions infront of a huge log fire to warm them from the cold icy weather outside .

     “Arthur ..is it time do you think ?”

“Very soon , it has been such a glorious life this time around ….But Lancelot and Genevere are ready now …they are ready to take charge of this Kingdom now …we have other places.. other adventures …but look into my eyes my love of such an amazing life …for I shall find you no matter where we are …no matter how thick the fog …I shall find you ..I vow that to you ….and yee shall be loved yet again by a once upon a time happy King”


           “Holy shit !” thought Oscar “ What the frig is this gunna do to our history books”

           “ History is written by the Victors Oscar …remember that …and corrupted histories can be …corrected shall we say!”