Julianne Zoviar Clunne

“I am so much more . . . . . than . . . . that which I am not!”


On Psychic Art by Julianne Zoviar Clunne

Most days I assist entities to leave the planet …return to source . They usually come to me in the morning and say they want to go home (this is all telepathically). I ask them if they have done what is required . For them to be permitted to leave they must have cleaned up ALL the mess they were involved in creating and perpetuating on humanity, Mother Earth and all sentient beings. This is not my requirement it comes from much higher up than me ….but it is a prerequisite for their leaving . These are what most would call dark entities…

Once I have been given the green light that they have infact done what they claim …I do a process I call bagging them up …I then send them love and light to make it possible to get lift off and I psychically pull them up out of earths atmosphere …they go past a type of check point …which most times at least a few do not get clearance for …if for example they have participated in Major crimes against humanity they are held for account …the rest I continue out into space to a location close to what I call the Central Galactic Sun …I tell them I forgive them …thank them for cleaning up their mess and basically wish them the best and affirming how lucky they are and how happy I am for them .

                 I don’t really expect others to understand what I do unless they are doing similar work …it is something that has evolved over decades…only a few of my very closest friends have ever been privy to this up until now .

                 I have made the decision to go public about the Psychic Art side of my art practice because even tho I have no proof …no painting …no book …no photos this is by far the most important work I do

                   …Energy work …vibrational work and holding a vision rock solid for as many of us as is possible to move into a healed world …with Peace and food and shelter and respect for all beings .I have learnt a lot from others going public about their experiences even tho they often have received considerable backlash at that time for their disclosure . Frankly , I do not expect any backlash …we are living right on the edge of a huge change in our world and I am doing the best with my abilities to pull us and assist in anchoring us onto a positive timeline .

 In the past I have cleared a few indigenous massacre sites ….it has been truly humbling and empowering to work with the energies of the Ancestors of this land …but it is also highly emotional and traumatic to be amidst the suffering of souls who have left their bodies in such circumstances . I also used to do individual psychic healings  decades ago …but to tell the truth I was frustrated with how long it would take to heal the world one person at a time ….I remember having a little chat with Jesus at the time …and I said to him “What would you say to these people “    the following painting was his response

…I do neither of these procedures anymore …but I send love to many people most days and have friends who are doing amazing healing on this planet by love bombing people …sending love to strangers …to troubled people …to troubled places …and Miracles occur …so if anyone wants to know how to participate in fixing this world …please don’t contact me                 

                                I shall do some NEWS posts in the future about techniques and experiences .…I only have a small handful of answers that work for me …we all have to find our own truths ..our own answers ….BUT …Jesus is recognized by many cultures and faiths as an amazing healer …I personally regard him as one of the all-time big kahuna healers …and even if it was my imagination talking to me …I have NO understanding of how sending silent love to someone can be a problem .