Julianne Zoviar Clunne

“I am so much more . . . . . than . . . . that which I am not!”

selection of Julianne's words: poetry & prose

Walk Away (song) by Jonathan Weslake (lyrics by Julianne Zoviar Clunne)

One Breath (Poem)


The very nearness of you took my breath away

           So you gave me some of yours

I liked it….wanted more

           So I gave you some of mine

We began a dance in the air between us

   Not quite a tango …beyond tango

I wanted to kiss you

          It would have broken the rhythm

Stopped the rising

         Maybe a part of me didn’t want to go

beyond my safe memories

   The biggest part of me is brave tho

Not feeble … she’s fearless …


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God I Love My Life (Story)

Excerpt - Chapter Three

Then when I was   26years old I had a head injury. . . .life had thrown me a curve ball and I 'never' saw it coming . . . . I had headaches for eleven years after that , pretty much constantly . . . .and yeah ,I had trouble remembering friend's names. . . . .best friends!. . . ..  let alone long scripts .

That candle was snuffed out. . . .I tried to modify my life to still live that dream. . .but it had become the impossible dream. . .it was no longer 'possible' for me to act . . .. .. .. without my old memory ,. .. .. .. .. .and my new one was only randomly selective , I could not access whole chunks of my past , . . .. .. .. .dinner parties I had given . . .upon friends reminding me . . . .I had no recall . . . . .nothing . . . .blank computer screen . Things I told people I would do. . . . I didn't. . .. . Did not even know I had let someone down . . . .till I was informed , not always by happy peoplethat I hadn't done what I said I would. . . . . . .well after a few years I became very careful of promising much to people ,because I knew by tomorrow I may have lost the recall of even a small favour or commitment. . . . . .it was a 'nightmare' of sorts for many years . .. .. .trying to adjust to this 'new' mind that behaved more like a piece of that cheese with lots of holes in it , than what I used to have and what most of the world had . . . .a repository for events , facts , figures , memories good and bad ,you name one thing your memory holds for you and chances are I couldn't access it. . . . . ...

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Kings of Mullum (Movie Outline)

Chapter One

Nadia watched breathless as the hand approached her face and ever so gently brushed a long red tumbling ringlet from infront of her eyes and deftly placed it behind her ear. A part of her knew she should be offended at this intimate act played out by a total stranger, but she wasn’t ….it felt strangely familiar and normal ..like she had been transported momentarily into another time . Through a muffled haze she heard the tail end of a voice saying “Your eyes are way to beautiful to be hidden” . She realized he was looking intently into her eyes and quickly averted them to the asphalt below. Her grandmother wise in the ways of the Fae had warned her of people peering into your soul like that …it was not something she engaged in with many ..especially total strangers . Nadia softly replied “Thank you, I got my grandmothers eyes ….very lucky actually”. To which the handsome intruder into her life smiled slightly and walked on up the path ...

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Birdie Told Me (Sci-fi)

Excerpt - Page Ten

Juni and Arnen were flying just above the treeline ….having fun …almost skimming the tops like a child running thru long grass with arms outstretched …with palms gently touching the long grassheads reaching towards the crystally green sky…Juni sent off a thought to Arnen… “My love …this is what I think I missed most on earth ….flying …I had flying dreams but it was never as good as the experience here at home” .. “I must say you cut a pretty glorious silhouette my beloved ‘ he thought back to her …they both looked into each others eyes and almost giggled like small children …being back together on Home planet was so delicious …not something you take for granted after what they had been through. Just then Juni’s wristband vibrated with an incoming download …. “Arnen I have just been called back for a council meeting about the progress on Earth see you back at the Apod Ok?” And without even waiting for a response she flipped herself over and speed away to whence they came …she did send him her trademark heart flash …a private message they had between them and quickly vanished.

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